Covid-19 Update Spagnuolo Lawyers

Re: COVID-19

Good morning everyone, like everyone else we are adjusting to this new reality, and trying to do all we can to protect our staff and clients, while closing files.  From rearranging staff to ensure social distancing, working from home, wiping down desks, using only brand new pens for each client and whatever else we can think of, we are on it.

With all of these changes, our capacity for files is not what it normally is. In talking to my colleagues across the industry, we are not alone.  I strongly suggest that if you have a file to close the next few months you confirm with us, or whichever firm your client is using, that they can take the file.  Do not assume your choice of firm can get the file done without proper notice.

Of course the situation is fluid and seems to change daily.  If anything further comes up I will send out another note.

Many of you have asked about remote signings.  This is not possible and unfortunately, lawyers still need to meet clients to verify ID, and certain documents  need to be signed by the clients pen to paper.  This is not because firms like ours are not ready for any changes, but there is legislation and law society requirements we must comply with.

As usual we are here to support our referral partners.  Feel free to send me questions by email.  We will answer them on our Facebook page, so keep an eye on that page for new information.

Hope this all makes sense, stay safe.