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The holiday season is just not the holiday season without our annual Christmas poem.  But this year we switched it up, and we tried a karaoke song.  Want to know why, well follow along:


  1. Write Christmas poems for 19 years;
  2. Write your 20th and realize it sounds the same as last year;
  3. Tell your wife you are not happy with the poem;
  4. She says, do a karaoke song;
  5. You say yes, and the rest is history!


OMG, we are bad!   Oh well, B.C.’s best residential real estate law firm, and B.C.’s worst group of singers.


Enjoy the laugh at our expense at:

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or you can view at:



No matter how hard you laugh at us, thanks for all the support.  Have a wonderful holiday season and all the best throughout the remainder of the year and 2020.


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