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We are receiving many phone calls and emails from clients wishing to sign early.  Totally understand, and we are doing our best to make this happen. However we generally work in order of closing date.  Files closing in the next week or two generally are ready before those that close after.  We will do our best to have your file ready to sign several days in advance of your closing, but with several of our staff working from home, we are short staffed at this time.

Please know this is not our normal practice, but these are not normal times.  Please bear with us, and if you wish to discuss this further please contact me at 604-777-7406.

Again, please bear with us as we work through these difficult times.

Tony Spagnuolo


Many of our offices are satellite offices, in a shared office environment in which, as the name implies, we share with others. The hours are set by the owner of the business, and we do not have access apart from regular business hours. Some of these offices are either shortening their hours or closing the office entirely. Just this morning we were informed that our Guildford office will be closing next week, for how long we do not know. At this time we cannot guarantee all of our offices will remain open, and clients may have to travel to an office they normally would not need to do.

Once again, this is not our normal practice, and these are not normal times. Any questions call Tony at 604-777-7406.

Tony Spagnuolo


Re: COVID-19 and Conveyancing

So here is where we are at:

  1. Our email and phones are blowing off the hook; unless you are a top referral partner, we do not have time to answer your “quick question”; keep watching for emails like this, or our Facebook page for future updates;
  2. We still cannot sign remotely; still need to meet clients, but the appointment times are being shortened;
  3. Many of our satellite offices are closing; the only office we can guarantee social distancing is our Coquitlam office; your clients may need to come here; while it seems far, it is right on the border of Coquitlam, Burnaby and New West, kind of right in the middle of the lower mainland;
  4. We are researching force majeure clauses, nothing definitive yet, hopefully tomorrow;
  5. Ontario and Quebec are now shut down for all but non-essential services; no idea yet if conveyancing lawyers are essential or not; do not know if or when BC will follow suit;
  6. Nothing concrete about closing the LTSA; just speculation and rumours so far;
  7. There are no incentives (reduction in PTT or anything else) for those that are closing now.

We will continue to do our best to keep you up to date.

Stay healthy.

Tony Spagnuolo